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Since 1987 Pinnacle Packaging has been a single supplier of packaging products and services focused on saving you time, money and effort with value added solutions

Corrugated Boxes

Most people do not think of the type of box they use to transport their things. That is OK, because at Pinnacle Packaging we think about this for you. We focus not only on the products you are shipping, but also on choosing the right boxes for them. That means picking the corrugated boxes that best fit the physical usage, processes, tensile strength, and other customer specifications.

We are not just selling you a box, but a solution to get your valuable cargo from point A to B with as little stress possible. That is what differentiates us from other providers. We specialize in getting your packages from to where you need them to go safely and securely. Everyone else has a solution in a box. Let us know how we can be of service, by calling us today at 773-235-6060 with your questions.

  • Boxes - Over 900 Sizes
  • Air Freight Cargo Containers
  • Bulk Cargo Containers
  • Cube Boxes
  • File Storage Boxes
  • Flat Boxes
  • Heavy-Duty Boxes
  • Insulated Shippers
  • Layer Pads & Sheets
  • Long Boxes
  • Master Cartons
  • Moving Boxes
  • Multi-Depth Boxes
  • Printers Boxes
  • Side Loading Boxes
  • Super Shippers
  • Tall Boxes
  • Telescoping Boxes
  • White Boxes